1900s: Victorian Era







Color Scheme & Interior Design



The fashions trends of the 1900’s was all about being extravagantly classy. The long skirt silhouette for both day and night gave a sense of royalty to all the women. Dressing in the the bold and sometimes neutral colors allowed them to stand out even the more with added details and designs such as the ruffles and drapes. Accessorizing with huge over the top broad brimmed hats and silky gloves.

The Victorian Era brought together multiple rich, intense shades, often from opposite sides of the color wheel. Reds were paired with greens, golds with purples, and in an interior design elaborate sculptures and paintings gave everything a luster of wealth. Popular colors included aubergine, mustard yellow, teal, plum, lavender, black, walnut and burgundy.

The Victorian Era’s first electric automobiles were really just motorized horse carriages without the horses. The design was very romantic, as most were built to hold 2-3 people.


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