Women had big teased hair, even bigger shoulder pads in their power dress suits and casual clothing embraced ripped jeans, crop top sweatshirts, neon bright clothing, leg warmers and head bands.Bright colored accessories like sunglasses, bangles and hoop earrings were a necessity along with their loud makeup and neon were an important part of this style. This style was obviously more popular with the younger crowd.

Color Palette



The colors of 1980s were vibrant and saturated, reflecting prosperous times and an upbeat mood.

Interior Design 




More lavish styles popped up in the 80’s in order to entice buyers. Ferrari, Lamborghini and other posters were popping up on the walls of suburban teens everywhere.

Celebrity – Michael Jackson 


“Thriller”, was the best-selling album for 37 consecutive weeks after it was released November 30, 1982.


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