Inspiration: Maya Angelou 




As time progresses, women’s fashion continues to graduate in conformity and choices. While the fit & flare style is what’s mostly expressed throughout movies and pictures of the fifties, women also dressed “smartly,” at times, being all about good grooming and having a tailored look.

Color Palette 

Interior Design

The 1950’s were glory days for full-on mid century modern designs from furnishing to light fixtures.



Marilyn Monroe 

Window: Harvey Nichols

Salvador Dali-Inspired Harvey Nichols Window Display 

Harvey Nichols introduced the new season in March, 2012, with 12 window displays inspired by the Spanish artist Salvador Dali to highlight the relationship between art and fashion.

I favored these windows because of the story they tell. Without knowledge on who the windows are inspired by, any consumer walking by would be able to know what they’re selling and who they’re selling to.