Window Display: Tiffany & Co.

I favoritized this window because of the fairy tale theme it gives off. Their product being jewelry, audience being both men and women I feel like they’ve accomplished the idea of catching consumers attention and making them want to come for more.


Window: Harvey Nichols

Salvador Dali-Inspired Harvey Nichols Window Display 

Harvey Nichols introduced the new season in March, 2012, with 12 window displays inspired by the Spanish artist Salvador Dali to highlight the relationship between art and fashion.

I favored these windows because of the story they tell. Without knowledge on who the windows are inspired by, any consumer walking by would be able to know what they’re selling and who they’re selling to.

Window: Banana Republic

Banana Republic’s “Work Different” Window display is this weeks favorite. BR showcases a well executed window targeting the middle aged business women audience. Including props such as the clock, chair with books, and lamp was a smart move to enhance the idea of who they wanted to make this window for.

Window Display:Tommy Hilfiger

The Simplicity of this display speaks to those who love organizing, including myself. The illusion draws attention from those who may be passing by, causing them to stop and think wait… Did i just see paint being drowned on top of jeans from the corner of my eye or am I bugging? And then this draws the consumer closer to the store, closer to the product and next thing you know they’re in line with three pairs of jeans and two shirts you saw to match on your way to the register. And that boys and girls is the art Visual Merchandising, it’s all about getting people to recognize what you have created out of a product in order to get them to buy it.